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Month: November 2017

Release Day!

Fading Grace releases today!

Beyond Stone Wins Award!

I am pleased to announce that Beyond Stone won Best in Psychological Dramas/Thrillers at the 2017 Book Talk Radio Club Awards.

Fading Grace – Cover Reveal

I’m excited to announce that the Kindle edition of my new novella Fading Grace is available for pre-order at Amazon!

Get Fading Grace during the pre-order for 99¢. It will go up to its regular price of $2.99 after its release date of November 30, 2017.

Grace Tyler led a comfortable, unremarkable life. In her twenties, she had been an up-and-coming artist with shows in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Prague. But those years were long past.

A year ago, her husband suffered a fatal heart attack and she’s having difficulty adjusting to her new life. She begins to feel invisible. But she’s coping.

Or is she? One morning, Grace looks in the mirror and watches in horror as her reflection fades. She doesn’t just feel invisible anymore, she is invisible.

Why did this happen? How can she be seen again? As Grace searches for answers to these questions, what she discovers will impact the way we see ourselves and others.

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