Editors Pick, Indie Authors Monthly Magazine:

A riveting tale about the fine line between fantasy, reality, and the happiness and perils of sculpture as an art form. Andie Connor has talent and a secret. Her beautiful sculptures are becoming all the rage in the art world and she’s on the verge great success. Despite that, she’s submerging herself in addictive behavior. Drinking, doing drugs, and isolating herself from life. Andie is miserable, and she is harboring a terrible secret that keeps her from enjoying her success. No one seems to understand her pain.

The one thing that seems to break through her depression though, is her art. It speaks to her-literally. Her stone statues come alive and pull her back from the abyss of depression.

Andie’s statues hold the key to her survival. The question remains: Are the statues, in fact, healing Andie’s broken heart and re-sculpting her perceptions, or are they a tool that enables her to forgive herself enough to rejoin life? Fascinating and well-developed, Christine Roney writes a thrilling tale that will stay with the reader long after they have closed the book. A must read.



Brilliant. A fascinating journey into the mind of an artist where reality is the abstract. A must read.  Customer Review, Amazon (USA)

Excellent Read. This book was recommended by a friend. Totally enjoyed it. Didn’t put it down until I finished it.  Customer Review, Amazon (USA)

If you love to curl up with a well written, engaging book that you just can’t put down, ‘Beyond Stone’ by Christine Roney is a good choice. The main character (Andi) is a sculptor, developed in depth by Ms. Roney, who pulls the reader into the joys and frustrations of the creative process of sculpting. The journey is a tough one and not until the very end of the book do we know if Andi will survive her tortured journey.  -Customer Review, Amazon (USA)

Easy but poignant read. A troubled artist’s sculptures come to life to breathe life back into their creator. This is a modern fairytale about the therapeutic nature of human creativity, (whether artistic, business or reproductive).  Beyond Stone is a no-fluff novel that does not waste time with flowery descriptions of inanimate objects and does not veer off into irrelevant storylines. Tight, direct writing that mirrors the world of its protagonist.  -Customer Review, Amazon (Australia)

An interesting book that kept me turning pages to see how the journey would end.  -Goodreads Reviewer

Open your mind and jump in – the ride was a very good one. Jennie Reads, NetGalley Top Reviewer