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Eye In The Storm – Episode Four


The team dives into Daniel’s past and what they find shocks them. But does it have anything to do with his untimely death?

A woman in a red convertible stalks Ellie.

Eye In The Storm – Episode Three


Determined to find out if Daniel’s death was an accident or something more sinister, Ellie gathers her team for a deep dive into Daniel and Clive.

Ellie gets two surprises – one good, one not so good.

Eye In The Storm – Episode Two


Ellie meets with the officer that investigated Daniel’s accident and believes that it was, in fact, an accident. She’s relieved to close the case.

But then she meets with Dawn…

Eye In The Storm – Episode One


Eye In The Storm – a new Ellie Baye Mystery!

Ellie takes on a new case.

A man was killed when he hit a deer and lost control of his car. The police ruled it an accident. His widow believes it was murder. She insists that her husband, Daniel, and his partner, Clive, had a falling out and that Daniel was murdered as a result.

But as Ellie investigates, she discovers that Daniel had a lot of secrets and that nothing in the case is as it seems.

Being Annie – Episode Eight


Annie and Mr. Garth wait anxiously for the court’s ruling. Will Mr. Garth get his life back or will his grandson be able to continue controlling every aspect of his life?

The moment is here. The Judge takes the bench…

Don’t miss this thrilling conclusion to ‘Being Annie’.

Being Annie – Episode Seven


Scott filed a petition to terminate the conservatorship. Mr. Garth is excited when he learns of the pending hearing date.

But Annie is suspicious that his nemesis, Kurt Lawrence, helped Jude in his bid to take over Mr. Garth’s life and will use his wealth and power to help him again.

Using her invisibility to obtain a copy of Jenkins file, Annie learns that the conservator is siphoning Violet’s assets and draining her resources.

Annie needs to stop Kurt and Jenkins, but how? Let’s go into the story and find out.

Being Annie – Episode Six


Jude moves Mr. Garth into assisted living.

When Annie goes to visit him, she makes a wrong turn and runs smack into a family nightmare.

Being Annie – Episode Five


Too excited to breathe, leg bouncing under the table, Jude clenches a pen over the contract that will break his grandfather’s heart. But Annie, Mr. Garth’s self-appointed guardian angel, is in the room.

Being Annie – Episode Four


Annie sleuths her way through Raven Enterprises and comes face to face with Mr. Garth’s nemesis, Kurt Lawrence. He is not what she expected.

Mr. Garth, Scott, and Jude show up at court for the ruling. Annie is there too, standing beside Mr. Garth.

When the Judge takes the bench, her heart quickens. This Judge holds Mr. Garth’s future in his hands. What is he going to say?

Being Annie – Episode Three


Despite his setback in court, Jude has not given up trying to take over his grandfather’s life.

Scott and Mr. Garth dig in and prepare for a fight.

Annie is astounded when Mr. Garth finally reveals why he will not sell his company to Raven Enterprises. She never would have imagined such a scenario.

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