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Catching Up – Episode Four

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Sam can’t wait to see his daughter, Riley. David has been searching for her. But the news isn’t good.

Sam starts searching for a job and is hit with the cold reality that finding one may not be so easy. Will he be able to overcome his past and find a new future?

Catching Up – Episode Three

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

The courtroom battle to save Sam’s life begins.

David argues that Beth has reached out from the grave to exonerate Sam.

Shaw argues that this new evidence does the opposite – that it gives Sam a motive.

Will the judge find that Beth’s long-lost diary proves Sam’s innocence?

Catching Up – Episode Two

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Sam is stunned to learn that Beth kept a diary and wrote about their relationship. But will her diary be enough to get him off death row and out of prison?

Beth wrote about a man who was stalking her. She was afraid of him. Was he the real killer?

David intends to find out.

Catching Up – Episode One

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Sam lies on his cot staring at the walls of his jail cell while Rose, a pop star, belts out songs at a benefit concert to raise funds for his defense.

Terry, a new homeowner, is surprised when the renovation of her two-story home uncovers a metal box that has been hidden in the wall for over twenty years.

Hollow Rayne – Episode Six


Norman decides to put a stop to Kaden’s obsession with Hologram Rayne.

But before he deletes her, Real Rayne discovers their secret.

A confrontation ensues with a surprising and devastating result.

Hollow Rayne – Episode Five


Norman unveils his game-changing technological breakthrough to Kaden who is blown away with the implications of Norman’s achievement.

Lilli, still obsessed with Kaden, will do anything to win his heart. But will she go too far?

Hollow Rayne – Episode Four


Lilli discovers Hologram Rayne and devises a diabolical plan.

Unaware of Lilli’s machinations, Kaden continues to work with Lilli on the courtyard sculpture.

Norman freaks out when he learns Real Rayne is back in town. Should he delete the hologram?

Hollow Rayne – Episode Three


Lilli manipulates Kaden into working with her on a sculpture for the City. She needs him close. She wants his undivided attention.

But Kaden is spending all of his spare time with Hologram Rayne.

And Norman is consumed with achieving a technological miracle.

Will their secret desires lead them into a black hole of obsession?

Hollow Rayne – Episode Two


When has technology gone too far?

Norman reveals his latest creation to Kaden.

Kaden is surprised, stunned, and a little freaked.

Has Norman gone too far?

Hollow Rayne – Episode One


Meet Kaden, an artist, whose latest piece is setting social media and the art world on fire.

Life is good for Kaden.

Except Rayne is gone and his heart is broken.

Meet Norman, a genius, who is working on a secret project to help Kaden move on.

But will it help him? Or break him?

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