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One Perfect Line – Episode Six


Ellie warns Michael that Laura may be stalking him. Is she stalking Michael or messing with Ellie?

Matt’s search for Alice on the web is not turning up a motive for murder. So Sam suggests he dive into the dark web. What nefarious denizens will he encounter there?

One Perfect Line – Episode Five


As Ollie’s preliminary hearing draws close, Ellie discovers a weakness in the state’s case. But is it enough to overcome a finding of probable cause?

Meanwhile, Sam may have found a motive for Alice’s murder. A secret that could destroy lives. A secret Alice was about to reveal.

One Perfect Line – Episode Four


Just as Ellie and Michael’s relationship heats up, he has to leave on tour. Ellie consoles herself with the fact that she’ll be busy with Ollie’s case and the three months will go fast. But an unexpected encounter with Michael’s ex-girlfriend puts her on high alert.

Quinn is troubled by a time gap in Ollie’s whereabouts on the day of the murder. Where was Ollie between 1:00 and 3:00?

One Perfect Line – Episode Three


Daniel asks Ellie to help Quinn with Ollie’s case. Against her better judgment, she gives in and agrees to investigate Alice’s death.

Matt looks into Alice, checking out her social media presence and online life.

Ellie takes Sam with her to look at the murder scene. As they drive away, Ellie has an insistent prodding of intuition that she missed something at the house. A piece of the puzzle hiding there that she must find.

One Perfect Line – Episode Two


Who killed Alice Nells?

Ollie says he’s innocent and wants to hire Ellie to find out who really killed her, but Ellie is reluctant to take the case.

In the meantime, an old friend of Ellie’s, legal aid attorney Quinn McAdams, steps in to help.

One Perfect Line – Episode One


One Perfect Line – An Ellie Baye Mystery

Ellie had been a private investigator with a big firm but resigned to open Yore Place, a bookstore where you can find books, coffee, donuts, open mic nights, and quirky characters.

Ollie Ivers is on a book tour and Ellie is excited that he’s coming to Yore Place to read from his newest book. He’s a popular author and draws big crowds.

But things go terribly wrong at the book signing when Ollie is arrested. When he asks Ellie to help him, she agrees unaware of the web of lies that entangles him.

Tremore’s Choice


John Tremore has a great job, a wife he adores, and two preteens who light up his life.

But when he makes a startling discovery at work, he’s suddenly put in a position where he must choose a path and no matter which one he chooses it could destroy his family and everything he’s worked for.

Where Is He? – Episode Twelve


Auggie has been carrying the burden of his secret for seven years. When he finally reveals it, Ellie is faced with a decision that could put her life and the lives of others in danger.

Let’s see if she makes the right choice.

Where Is He? – Episode Eleven


Ellie goes to the Land of Enchantment to find Auggie Dupin.

It soon becomes clear that he doesn’t want to be found. But Ellie is determined because if he is Billy, she needs to bring him back to Kat.

Ellie’s doggedness finally pays off and she comes face to face with Auggie. Is he Billy?

Where Is He? – Episode Ten


Ellie meets with Barry Thompson, the class action attorney, and learns a fact about Vardari that sends a shiver up her spine. But how does this connect to her missing person case?

Matt traces the email to New Mexico. But he still doesn’t know who sent it. Could it be Billy?

Ellie races to New Mexico to find out.

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