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Saving Maddie – Episode Six

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Maddie must choose the method of execution bringing her face-to-face with the reality of her pending death.

Daniel and his team continue to search for any evidence that may save her.

Then, Quinn discovers a cryptic note in the files of Maddie’s late attorney, David Bates. Did the prosecution fail to produce critical evidence at Maddie’s trial?

The team rushes to find out.

Saving Maddie – Episode Five

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Is Maddie’s husband, Tom, alive?
Maddie is adamant that he’s not.
Daniel isn’t so sure.
But if Tom is alive, he’s had over sixteen years to dig in deep and cover his trail.
And if he is alive, why didn’t he come forward to help Maddie?


Saving Maddie – Episode Four

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

The evidence against Maddie that resulted in her conviction is revealed.

And it looks like the team is up against insurmountable odds.

Saving Maddie – Episode Three

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Daniel begins to build his team:

Quinn McAdams, a legal aid attorney who has managed to hold on to her youthful idealism,

Dune Noland, a fierce, independent and quirky young investigator,

and Kate Beasley, Daniel’s loyal long-time clerk.

But he’s not finished building his team, he needs just one more skillset.

Saving Maddie – Episode Two

Having made peace with her impending execution, will Maddie reconsider Daniel’s offer and reach out for this last ray of hope?

When Daniel’s daughter and son learn of his plans, they’re shocked. So are the Attorney General and District Attorney who face the dilemma of whether to consent to Daniel’s unprecedented request.

Saving Maddie – Episode One

[Fiction / Legal Thriller]

Madeline Bright is going to be executed in 65 days.

Fifteen years earlier in a trial presided over by Judge Daniel Bennett, Madeline was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.

But now, Daniel wants to save her. He comes out of retirement and assembles a team. But stopping the execution is nigh on impossible. Will they be able to beat the odds before time runs out?

Jumping The Rainbow – Episode Nine

Rick and Stone have discovered the secret to the ancient portal, but will it lead them back to the mainland?

And will they be able to go through the portal before Atlantis claims them?

And Rick has fallen for the Mayor, so will he still want to go?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in this final episode of Jumping The Rainbow.

Jumping The Rainbow – Episode Eight

A revelation about the Mayor sends Rick spinning.

On a quest to find the lake of colors, Rick and Stone make a deadly discovery. Will they pick the forbidden fruit?

Jumping The Rainbow – Episode Seven

Rick and Stone find Dio who tells them a legend about “Pala” passed down from his ancestors. But they still don’t know how to find the portal. All they know is that the secret lies within the colors of a rainbow. Could a bedtime story about a lake of colors be true? Is there a connection?

Jumping The Rainbow – Episode Six

Rick and Stone hike up Red River Canyon in search of Dio, who they hope will know who or what “Pala” is.

They make camp for the night, and while sitting by the campfire Stone peers beyond the flickering flames into the darkness. As the flames dance and the shadows haunt, his bottled up emotions tumble out in the face of never seeing his mom or home again.

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