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Rayning Justice: Season Four

When a childhood friend is accused of murder, Stevie Rayne finds herself drawn into another high-stakes case. Emma is accused of killing her husband while sailing off the coast of California.

In this gripping tale of friendship and deception, Stevie sets out to uncover the truth about what really happened on that fateful sailing trip.

Stevie Rayne is back in Season 3 of Rayning Justice!

Season Three of my serialized legal thriller, Rayning Justice, is available to read on Kindle Vella right now. This season, Stevie once again finds herself walking the halls of justice when she is reluctantly pulled into a murder case.

All she had to do was pick up a dog. Simple, right?…It starts with a phone call. Stevie’s friend, Billie, has been tasked to execute a court order in Minnesota to retrieve a dog named Blu from Owen, his non-custodial owner. She was hoping to meet up with Stevie, who is traveling in Canada, for some girl-time before heading back to California. Excited to see her friend, Stevie picks Billie up at the airport and together they go to pick up Blu. But Blu isn’t there. And Owen isn’t talking.

A missing dog. A murder. A mystery to be solved. Don’t miss this season of Rayning Justice!

Click the photo below to read the first three episodes for free.

Season One of Rayning Justice is now live!

Season One of my serialized legal thriller, Rayning Justice, is now complete and can be read here!

And Season Two has begun!

Stevie Rayne is back on the road and is heading north toward Canada in her RV with her dog, Bo.

Before she gets to the border, however, a winter storm causes her to find refuge in a campground located on the outskirts of a small town.

While there, she learns that a man is on trial for an arson fire that killed a local volunteer fireman. The townspeople want swift justice and many have threatened to take that justice into their own hands.

When the storm finally abates and Stevie is ready to get back on the road, a knock on her door leads her to wonder if there is more to the story than meets the eye.

A story full of courtroom drama, small-town intrigue, and twists and turns.

Click the photo below to read the first three episodes for free!

New Legal Thriller!

Although it was only going to be a brief pause in time for my podcast stories, life happened and they are on pause for a while longer.

BUT you can now read my stories instead of listening to them!

Amazon has launched a new platform for serialized stories – Kindle Vella.

I have a brand new legal thriller on Kindle Vella which you can read on your iphone or on

You can read the first three episodes for free! New episodes posted weekly.

Just click this link:

Rayning Justice: A Stevie Rayne Story

Stevie Rayne traded in her partnership in a prestigious law firm for a life on the road. Now, she travels the highways in her RV with her dog, Bo. The sense of freedom is intoxicating.

She has no desire to handle cases anymore and when she is asked to defend a young woman accused of murdering the man who ghosted her, she says no. A murder case doesn’t fit into her plans. But…

The Missing Key – Episode Eleven


Ellie crouches by her car. Did the man from the Black SUV see her? He’s getting closer. She holds her breath.

Ryan’s trial for the murder of Leland grows near. Daniel and Quinn arrive at the bookstore. They need their key witness. They need Brenda.

The Missing Key – Episode Ten


Ellie discovers the identity of the powerful family Brenda is running from.

Marco receives a call. There was a witness to Brenda’s escape in the blue van.

Ellie and Matt rush to save Paula before Marco can get to her. But can they outrun the Black SUV bearing down on them?

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