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The Missing Key – Episode Eight


Ellie enjoys a peaceful evening listening to Ollie’s words and Michael’s songs. At the same time, two men dressed in black move stealthily through the homeless camp. They head for an orange tent.

The Missing Key – Episode Seven


Ellie is elated and excited to make contact with Brenda. Now Ryan has a chance.

But things go sideways when Brenda reveals a sinister reason why she can’t testify. An agonizing dilemma with two lives hanging in the balance.

The Missing Key – Episode Six


Ellie wanders through a homeless camp searching the rows and rows of tents and cardboard boxes for Brenda, Daniel’s key witness.

Unbeknownst to her, the son of a powerful family is searching too.

Where is Brenda? And who will find her first?

The Missing Key – Episode Five


Ellie chases down a lead that may bring her face to face with the head of a powerful family.

Who is the woman in the hoodie? Is it Brenda? Matt follows her, but when he turns a corner he’s taken aback by what he sees.

The Missing Key – Episode Four


While on tour, Michael gets a visit from Laura at his hotel. Should he tell Ellie?

Ellie misses him. He’s hardly ever home anymore. Is there someone closer to home with his eye on Ellie?

What is Ellie looking for when she takes a step into her past?

The Missing Key – Episode Three


The trial looms as Ellie searches for Brenda.

But she’s not the only one searching. Ellie races to find her before Brenda’s caught in the net of a powerful family.

Will Ellie also get entangled in their net?

The Missing Key – Episode One


A murder. A suspect. A trial.

Brenda Kaye, a key witness for the defense, disappears. Did she run? Was she taken? Ellie is hired to find out.

If Ellie finds her, should she persuade Brenda to testify and put her life in danger?

An impossible choice.

A Brief Pause In Time

This month, August 2020, is the two-year anniversary of The Roney Writes Podcast.
Thank you to all of my listeners – you made it a wonderful two years.
And there are many more stories to come!

Now, on to this week’s episode – A Brief Pause In Time

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