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Hollow Rayne – Episode Four


Lilli discovers Hologram Rayne and devises a diabolical plan.

Unaware of Lilli’s machinations, Kaden continues to work with Lilli on the courtyard sculpture.

Norman freaks out when he learns Real Rayne is back in town. Should he delete the hologram?

Hollow Rayne – Episode Three


Lilli manipulates Kaden into working with her on a sculpture for the City. She needs him close. She wants his undivided attention.

But Kaden is spending all of his spare time with Hologram Rayne.

And Norman is consumed with achieving a technological miracle.

Will their secret desires lead them into a black hole of obsession?

Hollow Rayne – Episode Two


When has technology gone too far?

Norman reveals his latest creation to Kaden.

Kaden is surprised, stunned, and a little freaked.

Has Norman gone too far?

Hollow Rayne – Episode One


Meet Kaden, an artist, whose latest piece is setting social media and the art world on fire.

Life is good for Kaden.

Except Rayne is gone and his heart is broken.

Meet Norman, a genius, who is working on a secret project to help Kaden move on.

But will it help him? Or break him?

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Ten


Sara looks into the past to find answers.

What was Jade hiding?

And why was Nigel so obsessed with finding the formula that he was willing to kill for it?

As Sara begins to unravel Jade’s secrets, she is confronted with a dilemma and the path she takes could end up destroying her and everyone around her.

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Nine


Tania worries that Nigel’s obsession with finding the formula is spinning out of control. Should she warn Sara? Is Sara in danger?

Louis finishes his investigation. What caused Maggie’s plane to crash?

And Sara makes a startling discovery.

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Eight


Sara discovers some alarming information about the pilot’s husband, Jon.
Was he a loving spouse or a murderer?

Sara’s suspicions about Michael come to a head when he shows up at her door. She hurls her accusations at him and he leaves.

A note left under her windshield wiper adds to the mysteries piling up.

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Seven


Sara brings in an aeronautics expert to go through the wreckage of Maggie’s plane. Will her gut instinct that Maggie’s death was not accidental prove to be right?

Sara goes to Solvang to search for anyone who may have information on Marilyn Sloan.

And she brings The Philosopher’s Stone to an organic chemist.

Will discovering the secrets of the formula help Sara unravel the mysteries surrounding Jade’s tragic death?

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Six


Jon’s attorney is demanding payment of the life insurance proceeds. Sara is reluctant to sign off on accidental death but there’s no evidence it wasn’t an accident. Should she rely on her instincts and keep digging or walk away?

Tania is determined to discover why Nigel is obsessed with Jade’s formulas.

And with the future of Ambrosia in the crosshairs, what will Sara do?

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Five


Sara discovers information that may turn her “cut and dried” investigation into the pilot’s death into something more sinister.

As Sara delves into Jade’s past, mysteries start to appear. Who is Marilyn Sloan and what is her connection to Jade? Sara sets out to discover Jade’s secrets.

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