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No Ordinary Trial – Episode Ten

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Kelly shows up at Thunder’s office. Although dressed in jeans and clunky boots, Thunder suspects her visit is anything but casual.

When Diane makes a startling discovery in Thunder’s office, Sam calls in the cybersecurity expert.

Meanwhile, Thunder gets a cryptic text that sends him speeding down the highway.

No Ordinary Trial – Episode Nine

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

The prosecution has the gun, they have Dylan misdirecting the search, they have opportunity and means, but where’s the motive?

At trial, Thunder chips away at their theory of jealousy. But things go awry when a classmate takes the stand.

No Ordinary Trial – Episode Eight

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Has Kelly been tracking Dylan? If so, why? She refuses to talk to the defense team. Does Helen have something up her sleeve? And, if so, does it involve Kelly?

Thunder gets hit with a lightning bolt.

No Ordinary Trial – Episode Five

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Thunder, Sam, and Dylan sit at the defendant’s table in Judge Mariani’s courtroom. The prosecutor strides towards the witness stand. The preliminary hearing begins.

The Judge studies Dylan’s face as he gets ready to announce his decision. Dylan nervously grips the table. Will he face a murder trial?

No Ordinary Trial – Episode Three

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Thunder zooms in on a satellite photo of the crime scene and makes a startling discovery. A discovery that sends his theory of the case in a different direction.

Meanwhile, Billie uncovers a possible motive for Luke’s murder. Has the prosecutor found it too?

No Ordinary Trial – Episode One

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

A body is found in the woods. A young man is arrested for the murder of his best friend. David Thunder’s phone rings.

This is Book Two in the Thunder Law series. In the first story, Catching Up, we met Thunder, a lawyer, and Sam Evans, a man who was about to be executed for a murder he didn’t commit.

Now, Thunder and Sam team up to defend a case that ends up being no ordinary trial.

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