Grace begins to feel invisible.

It’s subtle at first. People look through her, they talk over her, and it seems her opinion no longer matters.

So she begins to feel invisible. Then one morning, Grace looks in the mirror and watches in horror as her reflection fades. She doesn’t just feel invisible anymore, she is invisible.

Fading Grace follows Grace’s journey to be seen. A journey that takes her from oceanview condominiums to homeless encampments. From a high-end art gallery to a small neighborhood theater.

What will it take for her to be seen again?

Publisher: StudioBo Publishing

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The room had an eerie stillness to it. No sounds penetrated the walls of the studio. The three sculptures standing behind the glass wall in the storeroom were the only witnesses to Andie’s final moments. Their creator was dying.

Andie is a rising star in the art world. She’s a stone sculptor by day and a street artist by night.

She lost her brother, whom she adored, when she was fifteen and her relationship with her parents is …complicated.

She believes it’s her fault that her brother is gone.

Andie starts to self-medicate to ease her pain. But it’s not enough. Reeling from grief and guilt, she starts to go down the rabbit hole. As she teeters on the edge of the dark void, three of her sculptures, David, Glorious, and The Judge, come alive to save her.

Publisher: StudioBo Publishing

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