Ellie Baye thought she left the sleuthing world behind but how can she refuse a dying wish?

Kat’s brother, Billy, has been gone for seven years. He disappeared the night his best friend was murdered. Kat wants to see him before she dies.

Ellie recently quit her job at a large private investigation firm. She just wants to run her bookstore and host open mic nights. She has no desire to take on a new case, much less one where the trail has run cold.

But Kat’s last wish tugs at her heart.

Publisher: StudioBo Publishing

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Grace begins to feel invisible.

It’s subtle at first. People look through her, they talk over her, and it seems her opinion no longer matters.

So she begins to feel invisible. Then one morning, Grace looks in the mirror and watches in horror as her reflection fades. She doesn’t just feel invisible anymore, she is invisible.

Fading Grace follows Grace’s journey to be seen. A journey that takes her from oceanview condominiums to homeless encampments. From a high-end art gallery to a small neighborhood theater.

Publisher: StudioBo Publishing

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Andie is teetering on the edge of a dark void.

Her heart is full of grief and guilt.

She self-medicates. She creates stone sculptures. She tries to forget.

To the world, she’s a rising star in the art world. But how long can she hide her pain?

It’s only when her creations start to come to life, that she begins to heal.

Publisher: StudioBo Publishing

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