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Happy Anniversary, Beyond Stone!

Beyond Stone debuted one year ago today! And what a year it’s been. Beyond Stone went to the Oscars, it went to the Golden Globes, and it rode the New York subway.

I want to thank everyone who bought Beyond Stone, or borrowed a copy from the library or a friend, and took the time to read it. I also want to thank everyone who posted a review.

It’s been a great year! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

My Author Interview on Book Talk Radio Club

I was interviewed via Skype from England by Claire Perkins for Book Talk Radio Club.

Click here to listen to my interview on You Tube.

I enjoyed Claire’s interview style and was impressed with how skillfully she drew out information about me as an author and sculptor and tied that information to questions about my novel, Beyond Stone.

Whale Bones

Two seasons
this south Oregon coast
wet – dry, sun – fog
never too hot – too cold
one incessant wind

Two directions, change
the seasons
north – south
pile dunes high
or – wash back – under
wind driven surf


last year’s whale bones –
exotic bits of
from someone’s
beach walk

far away

— Willie Oliver Wolfe

Beyond Stone On The New York Subway!

Beyond Stone dropped on the subway last week.

Books On The Subway is a non-profit organization that leaves books on the New York subway for people to find and read for free.

The books have stickers which say:

TAKE me with you, READ me, and RETURN me for someone else to enjoy.

Check out it’s website:

So happy that Beyond Stone was part of this wonderful program!

Did you find a copy? Let me know in the comments below!

This Is The Last Day Of Navigating Indieworld’s Spring Book Festival!

Go to before it’s spring event is over. The site is beautifully divided into genres – so you can go directly to your favorite genre and peruse the books therein or you can explore new genres.

Discover a new book.  Meet a new author.  Enter a giveaway.

You’ll find ‘Beyond Stone’ under Contemporary Psychological Fiction. I chose this genre because the story delves into Andie’s inner thoughts and feelings.

Psychological novels, also called psychological realism, focus on the emotional and psychological development of the characters. In these stories, you become privy to a character’s inner world.

At Navigating Indieworld you’ll find not only Contemporary Psychological Fiction, but also Romance, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Children’s Fiction, Travel Fiction, Memoir, and Young Adult, among other genres.

Hurry! It’s the last day of the Spring Event!

The Beauty of Alabaster

This winter, storms battered the coast with rain and wind. Ocean waves reached scary heights. There was drama, fury, and beauty.

Below is a photo of my sculpture titled ‘Storm’.

California Borrego Alabaster

Morning Moon

I woke early to the sound of the garbage truck rumbling down the street. Shoot! I forgot to put the trash can out. I jumped out of bed, threw on my clothes, shoved my feet into boots, and ran out of the house. Headlights illuminated the dark street as I wheeled the can out. But when I got to the street there was no car. The light came from this morning moon:


Lightning Flashes and Thunderclaps


Rain soaked cloak
summer’s fallen joy –
browning in frost, fog,
and rain,
turning to humus in
promises of renewal.
A grant of shelter for
creeping things –
warmed by mother’s deep
fire within –
a sustaining sustenance
for life, recreation of hope –
we hunker down –
nesting – for a spring we
hope will arrive. So a
surety we never ask
‘But will it come?’

— Willie Oliver Wolfe

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