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Where Is He? – Episode Twelve


Auggie has been carrying the burden of his secret for seven years. When he finally reveals it, Ellie is faced with a decision that could put her life and the lives of others in danger.

Let’s see if she makes the right choice.

Where Is He? – Episode Eleven


Ellie goes to the Land of Enchantment to find Auggie Dupin.

It soon becomes clear that he doesn’t want to be found. But Ellie is determined because if he is Billy, she needs to bring him back to Kat.

Ellie’s doggedness finally pays off and she comes face to face with Auggie. Is he Billy?

Where Is He? – Episode Ten


Ellie meets with Barry Thompson, the class action attorney, and learns a fact about Vardari that sends a shiver up her spine. But how does this connect to her missing person case?

Matt traces the email to New Mexico. But he still doesn’t know who sent it. Could it be Billy?

Ellie races to New Mexico to find out.

Where Is He? – Episode Nine


Ellie receives an anonymous email warning her to stop her investigation.

As Matt tries to trace the sender, Ellie runs down a new lead. But she soon wonders if she’s been sent on a wild goose chase.

Where Is He? – Episode Eight


Nicolina, the manager of the arcade, reveals a secret to Ellie. A secret she has been carrying around for seven years. A secret that may hold the key to the mystery of Billy’s disappearance.

As discoveries are made and secrets revealed, Ellie gets one step closer to finding Billy.

But who is that shadowy man following her every move?

Where Is He? – Episode Seven


The owner of the Beachside Cafe learns about Ellie’s visit with Ben and arranges a meeting with a man named Auggie.

Who is Auggie? Does he have anything to do with Billy’s disappearance?

Meanwhile, Ellie has a theory that Jeff and Billy were on the pier when something went down. But she keeps running into dead ends.

Where Is He? – Episode Six


Where were Billy and Jeff between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. on the night of the murder?

Matt finds that they might have been at the arcade on the pier that night. When Ellie investigates, a cold chill runs through her as she realizes that the owners of the arcade have hidden their identity.

Where Is He? – Episode Five


Ellie comes face to face with Harvey who is chained to the table. Her heart is pounding. Her hands are sweaty. She steels herself to look into his eyes, sure that evil lurks behind them.

She wants to know if he killed Billy. What she learns changes everything. But is he telling the truth?

Where Is He? – Episode Four


Who is that dark, mysterious man from Sicily? Is Senator Riley involved with Billy’s disappearance?

Ellie is stunned when she learns Harvey has agreed to see her. Does she really want to sit face to face with a serial killer?

Where Is He? – Episode Three


Ellie discovers the identity of the woman next to Billy in the photo. She and Matt visit her and, although they don’t recognize it now, they receive an important clue about Billy’s disappearance.

Senator Riley receives a phone call that makes his blood run cold.

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