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Where Is He? – Episode Seven


The owner of the Beachside Cafe learns about Ellie’s visit with Ben and arranges a meeting with a man named Auggie.

Who is Auggie? Does he have anything to do with Billy’s disappearance?

Meanwhile, Ellie has a theory that Jeff and Billy were on the pier when something went down. But she keeps running into dead ends.

Where Is He? – Episode Six


Where were Billy and Jeff between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. on the night of the murder?

Matt finds that they might have been at the arcade on the pier that night. When Ellie investigates, a cold chill runs through her as she realizes that the owners of the arcade have hidden their identity.

Where Is He? – Episode Five


Ellie comes face to face with Harvey who is chained to the table. Her heart is pounding. Her hands are sweaty. She steels herself to look into his eyes, sure that evil lurks behind them.

She wants to know if he killed Billy. What she learns changes everything. But is he telling the truth?

Where Is He? – Episode Four


Who is that dark, mysterious man from Sicily? Is Senator Riley involved with Billy’s disappearance?

Ellie is stunned when she learns Harvey has agreed to see her. Does she really want to sit face to face with a serial killer?

Where Is He? – Episode Three


Ellie discovers the identity of the woman next to Billy in the photo. She and Matt visit her and, although they don’t recognize it now, they receive an important clue about Billy’s disappearance.

Senator Riley receives a phone call that makes his blood run cold.

Where Is He? – Episode Two


Ellie starts to investigate Billy’s disappearance.

The timing of when he vanished would suggest that it’s connected with Jeff’s murder. But how? That case was closed when the killer confessed.

Ellie asks Matt to use his hacking skills to get the police file in Jeff’s case. Something just doesn’t seem right.

Where Is He? – Episode One


Where Is He?  An Ellie Baye Mystery

Meet Ellie, the owner of a small independent bookstore.

Ellie had been a private investigator with a big firm but resigned to open Yore Place, a store where you can find books, coffee, donuts, open mic nights, and quirky characters.

She thought she left the sleuthing world behind. But when Ellie is asked to do a favor that tugs at her heart, she finds herself drawn into a world of social and political intrigue.

Beyond Stone – Episode One


Andie, a stone sculptor by day and a street artist at night, walks the razor edge between reality and fantasy, never sure which side she’s on.

Fading Grace – Episode Three


Grace begins to fall for Simon all over again. But she’s shocked when he reveals what’s in his heart.

Grace raises her hand in a neighborhood meeting, but no one seems to see her. As she lowers her hand, she wonders, “Am I fading away?”

Fading Grace – Episode Two


Grace begins to feel invisible. If one more person says “Sorry, I didn’t see you”, she is going to scream.

The conflict with her daughter heats up.

Grace receives an invitation to an art show. What she finds there takes her breath away.

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