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The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Six


Jon’s attorney is demanding payment of the life insurance proceeds. Sara is reluctant to sign off on accidental death but there’s no evidence it wasn’t an accident. Should she rely on her instincts and keep digging or walk away?

Tania is determined to discover why Nigel is obsessed with Jade’s formulas.

And with the future of Ambrosia in the crosshairs, what will Sara do?

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Five


Sara discovers information that may turn her “cut and dried” investigation into the pilot’s death into something more sinister.

As Sara delves into Jade’s past, mysteries start to appear. Who is Marilyn Sloan and what is her connection to Jade? Sara sets out to discover Jade’s secrets.

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Four


Nigel, the CEO of Sapphire Cosmetics, wants Jade’s company. Why? And what lengths will he go to in order to get it?

Sara’s house was broken into, and now someone has stolen her purse. Who is doing this and what are they looking for? Sara begins to wonder who she can trust.

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Three


Sara’s house in the canyon is broken into. Why? Does it have something to do with the contents of the envelope she found in the hidden safe?

Is someone after Ambrosia’s secrets?

As Sara pores over the documents from the safe, she begins to wonder how well she knew her friend.

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode Two


Sara wanders through Jade’s house, which is now hers. The house feels empty and sad, as if it too grieves for Jade.

As Sara tries to settle into her new home, she stumbles across a hidden safe. What secrets lie within?

At work, Sara gets a new case. A pilot crashed while performing at an airshow. Was it suicide? Or something more sinister?

The Perfumer’s Stone – Episode One


Meet Sara, a private investigator in training.

And Jade, a distiller of essential oils and the owner of Ambrosia.

Together they’re celebrating their 30th birthdays at an island resort.

They’ve been looking forward to spending the day sailing around the island on the Suncatcher yacht. It’s a beautiful day out on the water. But then tragedy strikes when a rogue wave overtakes the boat.

Saving Maddie – Episode Ten

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Will Maddie’s embezzling husband make a last-minute appearance to prove her innocence?

Will the phone ring and stay the execution before the last shot stills her beating heart?

Maddie seems resigned.

Daniel is not willing to give up. His stomach is in knots over this case that has haunted him for fifteen years.

Saving Maddie – Episode Nine

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Maddie, stunned by Tom’s treachery, sits in her cell waiting for the ruling of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

While she waits, the governor considers her petition for clemency.

Whose hands does Maddie’s fate lie in?

Saving Maddie – Episode Eight

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Daniel’s footsteps echo in the long corridor of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

His mind is on the forthcoming battle to save Maddie’s life.

Has he anticipated all of the Attorney General’s arguments?

Will the Court rule in Maddie’s favor and allow him to file a petition for habeas corpus?

If they do, the fight begins.
If they don’t?
The Court’s decision cannot be appealed.

Saving Maddie – Episode Seven

[Fiction/Legal Thriller]

Does the memory of turquoise beads really mean Maddie is innocent?

And even if it does, is it enough to save her?

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