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Jumping The Rainbow – Episode Six

Rick and Stone hike up Red River Canyon in search of Dio, who they hope will know who or what “Pala” is.

They make camp for the night, and while sitting by the campfire Stone peers beyond the flickering flames into the darkness. As the flames dance and the shadows haunt, his bottled up emotions tumble out in the face of never seeing his mom or home again.

Jumping The Rainbow – Episode Five

Rick finds a map of the island along with a note written by Tobias that says the only way back home is to jump the rainbow and only “Pala” knows how. But who or what is “Pala”?

Jumping The Rainbow – Episode Four

Rick and Stone begin to look for the portal, refusing to accept that they will never be able to go home.

In their search, they come across the recounting of an old legend by Tobias Hillyard. Is it a clue to finding the portal or just the ramblings of an old man? They plan to find out.

Jumping The Rainbow – Episode Three

Rick and Stone go to the library to meet Adam, who they hope will help them get home. But their hopes are dashed when he tells them no one in recorded history has found a way back – that it is, indeed, a one-way portal. They, however, refuse to believe that there isn’t a way home.

Then, while out exploring the island, Rick makes a startling discovery.

Jumping The Rainbow – Episode Two

Rick lands the plane. They’re safe. But Rick and Stone’s relief soon turns to disbelief when they learn where they are.

Jumping The Rainbow – Episode One

Rick Robertson, a pilot, and his teenage son, Stone, fly to the Bahamas to spend some time together before Stone heads off to college. While there, Rick surprises Stone with a dive trip to Turks & Caicos. Their seaplane soars through the sky on a warm, sunny day. But then Rick feels the plane buck. Stone watches in horror as the sky turns black. The plane starts shaking. What’s happening?


Introducing The Roney Writes Podcast

Welcome to the Roney Writes Podcast!

This is a short introductory episode to let you know that the Podcast launches on Sunday, August 26th.

I’m excited to share my stories with you. There will be adventure stories, legal dramas, psychological dramas, contemporary fiction, and many others that criss-cross genre lines.

Many of the stories take place over several episodes and a new episode will be posted every Sunday.

The first story is Jumping The Rainbow, a story full of adventure, action, mystery, and romance.

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