Although it was only going to be a brief pause in time for my podcast stories, life happened and they are on pause for a while longer.

BUT you can now read my stories instead of listening to them!

Amazon has launched a new platform for serialized stories – Kindle Vella.

I have a brand new legal thriller on Kindle Vella which you can read on your iphone or on

You can read the first three episodes for free! New episodes posted weekly.

Just click this link:

Rayning Justice: A Stevie Rayne Story

Stevie Rayne traded in her partnership in a prestigious law firm for a life on the road. Now, she travels the highways in her RV with her dog, Bo. The sense of freedom is intoxicating.

She has no desire to handle cases anymore and when she is asked to defend a young woman accused of murdering the man who ghosted her, she says no. A murder case doesn’t fit into her plans. But…