Let me tell you a story….

That’s what this podcast is about – stories.  I love to write them and I would love to share them with you.

Stories are always tumbling in my head and I let them crawl onto the page without regard to whether they fit into a specific genre.  So you will find many types of stories here.

A new episode will be put up every Sunday.  Many of the stories will be told over several weeks, some will be just one episode long.



We begin with Jumping The Rainbow,  a story full of adventure, mystery, action, and romance. There are nine episodes. You’ll find a schedule posted below – just click the Episode number to listen.

Note: a new episode is put up every Sunday, so only the numbers in blue will link to an episode.


Rick and his son, Stone, are on their way to Turks & Caicos for a long-awaited dive trip. Their seaplane soars through the sky on a sunny, warm day. But then Rick feels the plane buck. Stone watches in horror as the sky turns black. The plane starts shaking. What’s happening? Rick spots an island and manages to land the plane. Relief floods through them as they motor toward a white-sand beach through pristine water.

Their relief turns to disbelief, however, when they learn they were somehow caught in an anomaly that transported them to another world. They soon discover that the only way to get back to their own world is to find the secret to a long-lost portal.  It’s a race against time to find the portal before it’s lost to them forever.

Episode              Release Date

One                   August 26, 2018

Two                   September 2, 2018

Three               September 9, 2018

Four                  September 16, 2018

Five                   September 23, 2018

Six                      September 30, 2018

Seven               October 7, 2018

Eight                 October 14, 2018

Nine                  October 21, 2018